Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Origianls: Luna and Tenzing

Trained as a therapy dog, she is the mascot and matriarch of the kennel, preferring belly rubs to running. A natural mother, Luna has given birth and fostered many of the pups born into our kennel. Luna is AJ’s little girl who has never forgiven us for bringing home additional dogs, and has never forgiven Tenzing for ruining her swimsuit figure.

Song: Dire Wolf by The Grateful Dead and Any Man of Mine by Shania Twain

Favorite Halloween Costume: Little Red Riding Wolf

Position: Prefers to be on the couch, but we run her in wheel to keep her in shape; she runs just fast enough not to be run over. When a dog acts out, we put them in wheel next to Luna; she is a great disciplinarian.

Born: October 2002

My best bud and the first real sled dog (Luna doesn’t count) at Snowhook Kennel, Tenzing and I had our introduction to dog sledding courtesy of Lance Best, who allowed me to train Tenz with his team. Tenzing has always been a good dog, but after his first run with the team, he was a changed dog; it was almost as if he realized his calling in life. He needs to run.

Song: Ain’t No Way by Shania Twain, and Put me in, Coach by John Fogerty

Position: Swing, team with aspirations to be a leader. During the 2007 - 2008 season he ran in wheel, and then one day he had a “put me in, coach,” moment and insisted on running in swing. He has run in swing every since.

Born: March 2003

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